News of the Weird: Eel Swims Up Man's Urethra

Eww. Image from D-Listed.
 Ugh. I mean, ewww. I mean, owww!


Hot Slut Of The Day!

This is only the second of third posthumous Hot Slut, but this six-inch long urethra-loving eel is worthy of the rule break deserves every honor for being a slippery motherf*cker who saw the light at the end of the peen hole and went for it. If you haven't heard this one before, you might want to cross your legs or pinch your d-hole with a clothespin, because this shit is going to sting. I've already caressed my down low part and softly whispered in its hole that this will never happen to it since I'm wearing a condom at all f*cking times from now on!!!!! Deep breaths (through every damn hole). . .

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