The Tea Party Debate in 75 Seconds

What the heck are Michele and Rick looking at?
Image from Uproxx
Though the 75-second clip is illuminating, it is the shot at left that really gets me. It's funny, because Rick Perry is known to be something of a doofus, and he looks like one in this shot. It is also notable for the fact that Perry does not have his hand over his heart. There is a photo of President Obama without his hand over his heart during the National Anthem, and right-wing world has beat it to death. From now on--particularly if Perry wins the nomination--this photo should be used as an instant answer to that, anyway.


Last Night’s Tea Party Debate In 75 Seconds 

Have you been watching the seemingly endless Republican presidential debates? If not, you should be, because they are high f*cking comedy, let me tell you. They are also scary as hell. Those debates are the funniest and scariest thing on television right now. By far. It’s like Curb Your Enthusiasm meets Tales From The Crypt or something. . .

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