Troy Davis Executed Despite High-Level Pleas

Image from source, MSNBC
I didn't know much about this case before Tuesday night. Davis's was the latest in a series of executions of people who just might not have been guilty of the crime they were accused of. The things that stand out to me:

- This crime happened in 1989. 22 freaking years ago.
- This guy was in his mid-40s, but was in his early 20s when this happened. Very different ages.
- One of the other guys associated with this crime seems just as likely to have done it.
- 7 out of 9 witnesses have recanted their testimony. That's a lot.
- Despite pleas from former President Jimmy Carter and the friggin' POPE, the US Supreme Court wouldn't hear it. Which means nothing would sway them I guess.

I have no idea if Troy Davis was guilty. But the possibility is very, very frightening.  If this man wasn't guilty, I can only hope that the attention he has drawn will help prevent any further innocent people from being executed.


Georgia executes Troy Davis after his last pleas fail 

Troy Davis was put to death by lethal injection late Wednesday for the 1989 murder of an off-duty police officer, maintaining his innocence until the end after convincing thousands of it, but not the justice system. . .

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