Tying it All Together: The Tea Party Death Cult

This is good stuff about a bad thing. And it needs to be pointed out again, and again.

Image from DailyKos

The tea party death cult 

Many remember the moment when it was said that Rep. Alan Grayson had gone too far. The speech that signaled that he had far exceeded the reasonable political bounds of his swing district and had violated the supposed normative decorum of the hallowed House of Representatives. . .

. . .Grayson had a different characterization of the so-called Republican plan for healthcare:
Don't get sick. And if you do get sick, die quickly. . .
 . . .Until last week, Grayson's speech about Republican perspectives on health care could theoretically have been considered a rhetorical exaggeration. But not any more. It's now a simple fact that a good number of tea party voters actively like to see people die. . .

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