2012 Presidential Checklist (Updated)

Here's the tally, in case you're not keeping score:

Donald Trump - OUT
Michele Bachmann - IN (but fading)
Newt Gingrich - IN (somehow)
Mike Huckabee - OUT
Tim Pawlenty - OUT
Willard M. Romney - IN
Mitch Daniels - OUT
Sarah Palin - OUT (you betcha)
Ron Paul - IN (but out of his mind)
Herman Cain - IN (and leading)
Rick Santorum - IN (don't Google him!)
Haley Barbor - OUT
Rick Perry - IN (but bleeding)
Jon Huntsman - IN (sane but getting nowhere)
Thaddeus McCotter - IN (who?)
Gary Johnson - IN (again, who?)
Chris Christie - OUT (all over)
Fred Karger - IN (but he's out!)