FOX "News" Apologizes for Saying Obama Would Apologize for Hiroshima

An apology from FOX "News?" And over an untrue story about an apology, at that. I would say that this must be an anomaly though. Were they to make this sort of thing a policy, they'd have to dedicate a daily program to nothing but apologies.

Here's something you can count on though: some FOX "fans" will file the "Obama apologizes to Japan for Hiroshima" in their litany of things they believe are true. Count on it. It'll be right up there with Obama believing there are 57 states.


Fox & Friends: We Should Have Clarified That Our Report On Obama Apologizing To Japan Was False

. . .Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy made a statement on the show on Friday to clarify that the show's earlier report that President Obama had planned to apologize to Japan for Hiroshima was, in fact, not true. . .

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