God Writes His Memoirs: The Last Testament

Image from source, Gawker
As an atheistic agnostic, I've always wondered why God supposedly talked and interacted with people in the Old Testament, but doesn't anymore. And yet God is "unchanging." And why does the accounting of God and his son, Jesus end two thousand years ago. God didn't have anything left to say? He didn't have an opinion on say, the Spanish Inquisition? It's a logical problem that has never adequately been explained to me.

But what if God came out with Book Three? 


God Really Did Create Adam and Steve

We've all heard members of the religious right rambling their silly, anti-gay slogan, "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." Well, on this National Coming Out Day, God is coming clean and admitting they're wrong: He did, in fact, create Adam and Steve.  . .

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