Infomercial Star Don Lapre Dead by Suicide

From one bedroom apartment, to one
room cell, to one pine box.
Image from source, CBS.
I don't recall the year, but I remember when Don Lapre made his first big splash in infomercials. He was on the less important cable channels all the time, talking about his get rich quick scheme. He stood out from the other guys by being young, stylish and attractive. But his sales pitch--overly earnest, with too many hand gestures, and the repeated phrase, "from my one-bedroom apartment!"--never seemed persuasive to me. Hell, half of my apartments were one-bedroom, and I didn't feel like an abject failure.  But Lapre's style won over lots of people. Enough that he ended up selling other "as seen on TV" products of a hinky nature (like vitamins), and separating gullible people from their money.

Well, Lapre got busted for ripping people off for millions, and tried to kill himself by stabbing his groin (which takes, um. . .). He wasn't successful the first time, but he finally did it. Dead in prison. So, all of the folks who he was trying to make jealous of his success? Well, they finally got a little schadenfreude.


TV pitchman Don Lapre found dead in cell after apparent suicide

Authorities say TV pitchman Don Lapre was found dead after an apparent suicide in an Arizona jail cell on Sunday morning. Officials say they are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding his death. It was only a few days before his $52 million fraud trial was set to begin. . .

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