Latest Debate Audience Cheer: Blame the Unemployed!

I know that Herman Cain's pronouncement that "if you're not rich, or you don't have a job, blame yourself" is popular amongst arch-conservatives. And I get it, with the rich ones. They have no foundation upon which to base their conclusion. They figure, "hey, I'm rich, I've got a job," and they think that it is all due to their hard work, smarts, and good ol' American know how!  But the fact of the matter is, a lot of jobs were sent overseas by some of those "job creators." The fact is, there are many more unemployed people than there are available jobs. The fact is, that everyone can't be rich. Economies don't work that way. And the wider the income disparity gets, the worse off rich people will be. Do they want an America, where they have to drive armored vehicles, hire bodyguards, and live under the threat of constant crime? Because that would be the end game.

But Herman Cain is all about the sound bite. And the current GOP/Tea Party crowd is anxious to lap it up. Like a crowd in the Roman Arena, they'll viscerally cheer whatever satisfies their id. When will the Tea Party--which is not for the most part made up of the 1%, or even the 10%--realize that the Republican party doesn't care about them, except for their vote, and maybe will throw a bone to their abortion/gays/guns/god agenda?