Meet Miss World 2011 Contestant - Russia - Natalia GANTIMUROVA

Miss World 2011 - Russia - Natalia GANTIMUROVA


Name : Natalia GANTIMUROVA
Age : 20
Height : 181
Languages : Russian, Italian & English


As a student, Natalia hopes on creating a career in international relations. Hobbies include: snowboarding, listening to indie rock music and reading classical literature.


Tell us a little something about your Country ?

For me, Russia is a huge metropolis with a very fast life. It holds great historical value. It’s beautiful! I love it!

Future ambitions ?

Working on diplomacy in an international relations field.

Describe yourself

I am friendly, easy going and ambitious.

Personal Motto?

Whatever will be, will be.

Favourite food ?

I adore meat.

Favourite Music / Books ?

I like indie/rock music and reading classical literature.

Do you have any pets ?

Yes, I have a cat.

Special Talents ?

My proudest moment was being given a voucher for a holiday in a camp for excellent studies.

Any other interesting facts ?

I enjoy snowboarding and literature.

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