Rick Perry and Mormons (and Mitt Romney)

The beginning of Mormonism, as chronicled by the
documentary film, South Park: All About the Mormons.
Image from IGN.
When Barack Obama was elected, I predicted that the thinly-veiled racism that was popping up here and there would give way to full-fledged N-words-a-poppin.' Oddly enough, it hasn't happened for the most part, which shows arch conservatives to have a bit more self control than I'd imagined. So, imagine my surprise when that self control cracked in regard to this election cycle's Mormon issue.

Most Mormons are devout believers in God and Jesus, have a strong focus on the families and values. Oh my heck, they don't even drink coffee, smoke cigarettes or touch alcohol! But their God and Jesus are different from evangelicals' version. So Mormons are in the same boat Catholocism was back in 1960. All of it is fiction to me, so the distinctions are ridiculous. Yes, Mormonism is wacky. So is every other religion that isn't yours.

Whoa, got off track there. Okay. When Rick Perry entered the race, he took all of the wind out of Mormon Mitt Romeny's sails. And Rick is super-duper "right kind of Jesus" to the base of the Republican Party (tea baggers). But Perry's fortunes have waned, and though another "right kind of Jesus" believer, Herman Cain has ascended (have you noticed, he's black?), it is widely believed that Romney will ultimately be the nominee. Which means that Rick Perry--if he wants to stay in the race--will have to go all out to beat him. Is he willing to play the M-card? Well, he didn't apologize for the preacher dude who introduced him, and called Mormonism a cult. And look how he treated these fundamentalist Mormons. . .

Image from source, The Daily Beast

Rick Perry’s Illegal Raid On A Mormon Sect

We all remember the image of hundreds of Mormon mothers, clad in pastel prairie dresses, trooping in and out of Texas courthouses, trying for three months to reclaim their children. It was the spring of 2008, and it would become the largest custody battle in U.S. history. . .

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