Woman Turns Out to be Alive at the Morgue

The daughter of the not-dead, from MediaIte
Gaaahhhh. This story reawakens a childhood fear of mine (and a current one of The Other Half): being buried alive. Thank goodness this lady's still breathing "corpse" was discovered before it came to that.


This (Still) Exists: Woman Goes To Identify Mother At Morgue, Discovers She’s Actually Still Alive

Here’s kind of a good news/bad news type of story.

In Brazil, a young woman was called in to identify the body of her mother. When they brought the body out, Rosangela Celestrino got wonderful good news; her mother was actually still alive! The bad news? This means she was stuck in a refrigerated morgue drawer for two hours. . .

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Thanks to Stupid Monkey Planet for the nightmare, and the link.