Blast from the Past: The Lost 80s (Part 1)

What is "The Lost 80s?" It is music from the 1980s that you don't often hear, even on "I love the 80s" or your local "80s and More!" radio stations. These are the songs that were small to medium hits on MTV and your local radio stations. But they fell through the cracks somehow. They could be one-hit wonders. Or, they're the second or third hit from a flash in the pan. They could be the third tier hits from groups or acts that had a dozen hit songs. Somehow, people just forgot about them. But not me. . .

#1 - One in a Million, The Romantics - The group better known for their huge hit, Talking in Your Sleep, also had a fairly big hit with this forgotten tune.
#2 - The Sun Always Shines on TV, ah-ha - Sure, you remember Take on Me, but do you remember this one?
#3 - Living in a Dream, Pseudo Echo - This group barely made a ripple in the United States, but you might remember their remake of Lipps, Inc.'s Funkytown. This song was their first hit though, and nobody plays it today.
#4 - Room to Move, Animotion - Everybody knows Obsession. It was an 80s anthem. But this one gets no respect.
#5 - Hyperactive!, Thomas Dolby - Though accomplished in music, Thomas Dolby will always be remembered for She Blinded Me with Science. But Hyperactive! was a big hit back in the day. And do you remember the even rarer Airhead?
#6 - Baby Love, Regina - Who was Regina? Who knows? Everybody in the 80s just thought this was one of Madonna's new hits. It wasn't.

I labeled this Blast from the Past installment as Part 1 for a reason. There are a lot of these things. I may not run sequels in sequential weeks, but trust me there is more to come. Meanwhile, if you have the day off on Memorial Day, have a great extended weekend. If not, happy Monday!