Sarah Palin's Bus Tour: WTF?

Remember when advertising got all meta, and an ad for designer jeans might just feature naked people, with maybe a pair of jeans draped over a chair or something? You'd look at it and say, "Um. . .whut?" They started doing that in the mid 80s, and it comes around over and over. It's amazing how often I see a memorable commercial, and I can't remember the product.

Well, Sarah Palin has a spot out right now, and it has the opposite problem. I know the product: Caribou Barbie, the former half-term Governor of Alaska, you betcha. But damned if I know what the ad is for. Is she running for president? Does she have a book to sell? Is she selling flags or copies of the pledge of allegiance? She's sure to get "God" in there prominently, that part I didn't miss. But mostly what I got is a bunch if vague patriotic claptrap in Palin's insufferable screeching voice. The woman simply has one of the worst voices of all political celebrities, elected, televised or broadcast. She seriously needs to get Hillary Clinton's voice coach on the line, whatever the hell she's trying to sell us now.

UPDATED TO ADD: I'd love to hear from a Palin enthusiast exactly what a Palin candidacy would entail. This is a woman who very clearly did not know much at all beyond her own Alaskan issues--if that--prior to 2008. She is also a  woman of thin skin, with an easily stoked counter punch, and a fragile ego. She's quick to feign and dodge, instead of being forthright. She's a product more than a person. WTF do you people see in this political confection?