2nd Republican Debate: Did You Watch?

Frothy, Crazy, Scuzzy, Mittens, Kooky, Snoozy and the Pizza Guy.
Image from source, MSNBC
I ask, because I couldn't. I don't mean couldn't because something prevented me from watching. I just think I need to wait until this batch of kooks shakes out to a smaller number, or if (crossing fingers) Sarah Palin enters the fray. I couldn't miss that. But I'll stick to the highlight reel for now, thanks. From the picture at left alone, I've learned: Michele Bachmann is a teeny, tiny bag of crazy, isn't she? And Newt--though not much taller--probably outweighs her by three times.


GOP candidates keep focus on Obama

Can one of these people beat President Barack Obama?

Seven Republican presidential contenders made their case against Obama in a debate broadcast Monday by CNN, New Hampshire television station WMUR, and the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper. . .

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