Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann Makes it Official!

Michele Bachmann, talkin' to God, presumably.
Oh, joy! Oh, rapture! The wackiest of the wack-a-doos from the Republican Presidential hopefuls has made it official. Yes, Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.)--who is only a household name because of her crazy antics--has mistaken notoriety for popularity. Anthony Weiner thanks you, Ms. Bachmann! You just became the news cycle.


Michele Bachmann Steals Show at GOP Debate to Announce Presidential Run

Rep. Michele Bachmann used the opening seconds of tonight’s first Republican debate to make news: She’s officially seeking the GOP presidential nomination.

The Minnesota congresswoman was invited to the debate as an undeclared candidate, despite ample evidence that she was planning a White House bid, and she used the first question posed to her to announce she had officially filed to run. . .
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