Tax Cuts! Cuts in Spending! Austerity! A Political Ideology or a New Religion?

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The Good Atheist
I've asked this question before, but it bears repeating: if your political philosophy has never been proven to be true, and yet you believe in it with every fiber of your being. . .is that policy or religion? The mantra of the GOP right now is, stop spending, or cut it down to the bone. Cut: education spending, Medicare spending, Medicaid spending, Social Security spending, infrastructure spending. Close the parks! Stop feeding poor people! Privatize everything! And most of all, cut away taxes for rich people and corporations, and get rid of all cumbersome regulations. Because if big companies are allowed to pollute, and don't have to pay taxes, they'll give us jobs! Like magic, everything will get better!  Except. . .


Low tax rates. Profits for so-called "job creators." Spending cuts. The three things that conservatives say are most necessary for achieving a healthy economy are all occurring at historic levels. If conservatives were right, there could be no way that the economic situation could be this bad on either side of the pond. But it is, and that leads to one inescapable logical conclusion: conservative economic policies are not good for job creation or the overall economy. Source: DailyKos

So, why does that make it a religion? Because if you believe something without evidence--or even with contrary evidence--what do you call it? It sounds like a religion to me.