Breaking News: New York State Legalizes Same-sex Marriage

Coincidentally, Gay Pride is in New York for the weekend. Party!
And that guy looks disturbingly like my brother. Photo from HuffPo
We now have a sixth state (in addition to Washington DC) that has passed marriage equality for same-sex couples. And for that, I and many other people in the country are very, very excited. I'll be happier when the Prop 8 case is finally finished, and other same-sex couples can join The Other Half and myself as legally wed in California. And I'll be even happier if we overturn DOMA, and my hedonistic state of Nevada has to drop its very ironic "protection of marriage" constitutional amendment. For once it seems more likely.

But then, how long until one of those misnamed "Family" organizations tries for repeal, or a New York constitutional amendment?


NY Senate passes gay-marriage bill

New York state senators Friday night voted 33-29 to legalize gay marriage, a breakthrough victory for the gay-rights movement in the state where it got its start.

The vote came after a veteran Republican senator earlier told The Associated Press he would vote yes, apparently giving the measure the support it needs to become law. . .

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