The Right Wing Reaction to Marriage Equality in New York

First, let me say that I'm aware the blog has been top-heavy with Countdown with Keith Olbermann clips and stories about same-sex marriage, and sometimes a combination of the two. That's because Olbermann came back this week after a long hiatus, and because of all the expected (now delivered) action in New York on marriage equality. So, I can't promise to let up entirely just yet. Give me a couple of days to bask.

As regular readers of my blog (all twenty of you, thank you) know, when a big, politically divisive story crops up, I like to go check out Well, I don't like to, I just do it, because it is one of the largest internet outposts for pure id conservatism. Or what is known these days as conservatism. Anyway, I wasn't to be disappointed. This story isn't even an hour old, and look at the treasure trove of doom, gloom, hatred, homophobia, apocalyptic rage and otherwise unpleasant reactions for right-wing world.


"The idiots didn’t legalize homosexual marriage, they’re laying the groundwork to persecute those that don’t support it!"  Editor: No, in fact there was a uniquely stringent set of religious exemptions passed that is bound to the law. Meaning, if one day someone tries to remove them, they invalidate the main law.

"Welcome to HELL,New York!" Oh, eek. Yeah, I'm sure New Yorkers are quaking in fear. They've already been through hell and back.

"They just spit on Christ" Really? Where does Jesus say anything about same-sex marriage. Bueller?

"Making perversion legal - the end of a once great Republic. Obozo will finish us off once and for all." Gosh, these guys are creative. "Obozo." Genius! 

"Those so-called protections will go bye-bye at the drop of a liberal judge’s hat with the first lawsuit." Wrong. See above. But look what you're worried about: the right for religion to continue to discriminate. Doesn't sound very 'Christian' to me.

"Not to worry, Jesus is taking notes, so to speak." Ooooh. Is he makin' a list and checkin' it twice?

"I'll look for a LOT of homosexuals getting infected with HIV in their wanton celebrating tonight. They only need the mildest excuse for debauched behavior."  Yes, because Spring Break and Mardi Gras partying by straights is sooo restrained, and always done safely, and soberly.

This is a favorite cartoon at FreeRepublic. It hinges on the "slippery
slope" logical fallacy. It is easily refuted: children cannot give informed
consent, so pedophilia is out. Nobody can marry more than one person,
so there is no "equality" issue there. But gee, aren't they funny?

"Well, I always thought that if the tragic scenario occurred in which Al-Qaeda got its hands on a nuke, for me the least upsetting place for it to be set off would be in Hollywood. But, I’m really thinking right now that New York is pulling to the forefront. To repeat, burn in hell, New York!!" Nice. And these people claim to 'love' America. Apparently only parts of America.

". . .what upsets me is that the voter in NYS had no say in this matter, and from what I read, that is because unlike California, the voter cannot overturn what the legislature deems as legal. Is there no state in the union that refuses to capitulate to this devilry?" Yes, 31 of them, actually. Somehow, 31 states found the argument that it's okay to vote on other people's civil liberties. I dare say, the devilry is in that detail.
"Another nail in the coffin." You're confusing us with the Vampire Rights initiative on HBO's True Blood. Different issue.

"Memo to NY: since you’ve decided to officially become a degenerate [epithet deleted] state, don’t expect any help or sympathy from me the next time you have a 9/11. Burn in hell, New York." Another one of the America haters.
"All I can say to New Yorkers, is if you believe the Bible is the word of god. . ." Enough of this argument already. The United States isn't and shouldn't be ruled by the Bible or any other religion's text.
"It was only a matter of time until enough votes were bought." Yes, because if something passes that you don't like, it must have been illegitimate.
"So I suppose our only hope is that a single conservative judge will throw this out, like that rump-ranger in California did?" Unsurprisingly, this FReeper is as ill-informed on what he's talking about as most of them are. The "single judge" didn't just throw out a law. He ruled that Proposition 8 was un-Constitutional, and his arguments were virtually unassailable. Not to mention that the defense put up a pathetic case. And Judge Vaughn Walker may have been a 'rump-ranger' (see how clever they are?), but he was also a conservative judge.
"Kinda gives a new meaning to a “Shotgun Wedding” don’t it?" Once again, I'm stymied by conservative humor. This--I'm sure--is staggeringly funny to them, but I don't get it.
"With animals and children on leashes not far behind." As I noted in the caption to the cartoon, the "slippery slope" argument is a logical fallacy, something FReepers don't understand. Animals, like children cannot give informed consent.

There's lots more, and it's sure to get worse--and quickly. These quotes came from two posts there, but there are sure to be dozens. So rather than give you a link to a particular thread, if you want to read more, just go to, and click "Homosexual Agenda" at the top of the page. Yes, their terminology is as inaccurate as their page layout is dated.