Quote of the Day: Dan Savage on Anthony Weiner "Scandal"

I rarely copy another person's post in full. I mean really rarely. But this one is so good, and loses some of its punch if you try to whittle it down.  So, read on. . .

Dan Savage, image from Joe.My.God.
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Quote Of the Day - Dan Savage

"A reporter asks if Weiner was drinking or using drugs—if he has a problem—because only a man who has a drinking problem or a drug problem could get caught up in something like this. Do reporters know what men are like? (And lots of women too?) This desire to pathologize behavior that isn't sick—that is, indeed, very common and human and completely and instantly understandable—is itself pathological. Weiner does not have a problem. He has a computer. The whole world has Weiner's problem: same old horniness, brand new box." - Dan Savage, live-blogging Weiner's press conference.

Source: Joe.My.God.