Glenn Beck Calls "Americans for Prosperity" a Progressive Front Group

Little Glenny has lost his damned mind. Sorry, is that redundant? His whole premise here is strange: that progressives/liberals of the 20s are somehow the same people as those of today. That's just weird. But also that progressives are the ones making up "patriotic" sounding names for their groups to make them more palatable, and less scary. But really, they're up to nefarious ends, while getting people on their side with names like "Center for American Progress" (yeah, that's sneaky, putting "progress" right in the name), and "Americans for Prosperity." Wait a minute, what?

Yes, Americans for Prosperity is in actuality a conservative front group, sponsored by the billionaire Koch Brothers. Not only that, but it is conservatives who have cornered the market on the Frank Luntzian practice of using patriotic buzz words to disguise their groups.  Here are a few: American Family Association (and countless other anti-gay groups with "family" in their titles), FreedomWorks, and American Crossroads. There is also an endless list of real-sounding groups that advocate coal, petroleum, "traditional marriage" and other things: Citizens for Liberty Foundation of Coal-loving Warmth & Freedom might be a phony name, but it's not far off. So, even though Glenn stuck his foot in his mouth with his example, even his premise is flawed.