Rachel Maddow Interviews Larry Flynt About Rep. Weiner's Wiener

Rachel Maddow refreshed my memory about a couple of earlier sex scandals, and Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt's $1 million challenge to out philandering elected officials. Flynt could be dismissed as a mere pornographer of course, but he's also a free speech advocate, and a hypocrisy-fighter. And I really haven't got anything against pornography, provided it's all consenting adults. And really, when it comes down to it, virtually nobody is really outraged by Anthony Weiner's "Weinergate" scandal. They're amused. They're intrigued. They're maybe a little saddened, now that he's practically broken down publicly, found out his wife is pregnant, and apologized to the odious Andrew Breitbart. But who's outraged?

Anyway, the discussion of other politicians caught with their pants down is worth going over again, particularly the case of Sen. David Vitter. Vitter was caught in the DC Madam sting, and apparently liked hookers to treat him like an "adult baby," complete with diapers. Vitter broke the law, actually had sex (as far as we know, Weiner didn't), and he is still a sitting Senator. He even got a standing ovation from his colleagues! Why the fuss over Weiner's wiener, if people like Vitter get to keep their jobs?