Michele Bachmann's Anti-Gay Super-Christian Clinic

Image from source, Raw Story
By its description as a "Christian Therapy" center, it has been assumed that Michele and Marcus Bachmann's business included "pray away the gay" reparative therapy. That Marcus fits the faaaabulous stereotype of the closeted gay anti-gay converter (whether he is or not) only feeds the suspicion. Well, it's now pretty much been confirmed.

"So what," you ask? Well, "un-gaying" somebody--aside from being unnecessary and nigh impossible--is frowned upon by every credible medical organization out there. And yet, the Bachmanns are collecting government fundage for their bogus clinic. Is any of the money going directly to this useless "therapy?" Dunno. But if the clinic features reparative therapy, how legit can the rest of the practice be? And Michele Bachmann's "business experience" is based on this place! Methinks this clinic could be Ms. Crazy Eyes' undoing.


Marcus Bachmann’s clinic practices “reparative” anti-gay therapy: reports

Two reports were published claiming that Bachmann & Associates, the Christian counseling clinic owned by Rep. Michele Bachmann's husband, practices "reparative therapy," or psychological treatment targeted at reorienting homosexuals. . .

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