TX Governor Perry Starting to Get Flack for Prayer Fest

Gov. Goodhair of Texas, from source, USA Today
I distrust politicians in general, Republicans in particular, and overtly religious ones with vehemence. In my experience, the more loudly a person trumpets their religion, the more likely that they are doing something that goes deeply against their purported beliefs. Or, they're pandering, or they're just bonkers. Or some combination of the three.

My impression of Rick Perry is formed by the small doses of news that have come out about him. Like Nevada's ex-Senator Ensign, Perry is well known for his hair. Perry has dodged rumors about his sexuality, though unlike Ensign, those rumors are more of the same-sex variety. I know no more than the rumors, mind you. I also get a sort of George W. Bush-like blankness from Perry, as though he's playing a role, and someone else is pulling the strings. Just a vibe I get. And also like Bush, Perry is overtly religious, and yet gleefully executes people. Which seems like a contradiction, but then the Bible is chock full of contradiction, ain't it?

Anyway, Perry is having a big prayer festival to pray for a better economy, which seems akin to a rain dance, but whatever. And he's got a bunch of nutters endorsing the idea, but thinks that he's not responsible for the whack-a-doodles who follow him. Or something. I find it all extremely immature and sad, myself, but what do I know.


Critics hit Texas Gov. Perry for prayer day 'endorsers'

Is Texas Gov. Rick Perry personally accountable for the faith views of everyone who says amen to his Christian day of prayer?

Right Wing Watch seems to think so. It's plowing through the names of 50+ "endorsers" for The Response, the August 6 event at Houston's Reliant Stadium. . .

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