Nutball Preacher/Singer Sues Rachel Maddow

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If you praised a religion for more "properly" dealing with the gay by killing gay people, as you believe your religion instructs but doesn't do, what would that make you? Would it make you a person who thinks gay people should be killed? After all, you're supposedly a fervent believer in your religion, and you believe your religion commands it.

Well, nutball preacher/singer/artiste Bradlee (cute spelling, hellooooo) Dean thinks that's slander. So, he's suing people, notably MSNBC hostess, Rachel Maddow. As though this dude's reputation could possibly be in any danger. His followers would like him more for that. Duh.


Bradlee Dean Sues Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

Bradlee Dean is a man who hates lesbians and gays with such a passion that he does not care to be bothered with the facts, the realities, or, for that matter, his own religious books. His You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International Inc (that is, his ministry is a corporation, that means he worships not God but the Dollar) is planning on suing MSNBC, Dr Rachel Maddow and others for, supposedly, defaming him. . .

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