Rachel Maddow: We Can't Afford School or Safety, But Give $$$ to the Rich!

It's been a while since I've posted a clip from The Rachel Maddow Show, so I'm due. And this one is instructive. There are schools that will reconvene in the fall on a four-day-per-week schedule, because we can't afford education. Police forces too, too expensive. E. coli inspectors? Who needs 'em, we're broke!

But what can we afford? Tax cuts for the rich! Tax loopholes for corporations! Giant subsidies for oil companies that are already swimming in profits! Because if we throw enough money at rich people and corporations, maybe they'll make jobs for us! Even though we've been at that plan for ten years, and it hasn't worked, we--like insane people--are going to keep trying more of the same while expecting a different result.

When is somebody besides liberal bloggers and--bless her heart, Rachel Maddow--going to point at the GOP's Emporer's New Clothes??? He's naked, everybody!