Sarah Palin on Hannity, Said. . .Oh, Who Cares?

When I saw a Huffington Post piece on Sarah Palin, with her saying, "don't retreat, reload," I thought for sure it must be a rerun, some kind of joke, or maybe a "remember when" kind of piece. But it wasn't, it was new. And while I think that Palin's hackneyed, folksy patter is lame and tired, I wasn't bugged by it. In fact, I was oddly unaffected, and began to think: "Who cares what she thinks?"

While I've never thought the woman possessed any of the characteristics required of a President (or Vice President), I payed attention, because it seemed that she was commanding a large portion of the nation's attention. But now? What's she got, Hannity's million or two viewers? A small slice of even the Republican voters? I suppose as a few years go by, she can fill the role of some sort of pundit, like Geraldine Ferraro or something (though she's not even nearly as smart). But right now? I just look at her and see utter irrelevance.


Sarah Palin On Debt Ceiling: It's 'Not Time To Retreat, It's Time To Reload'

During an appearance on Fox News' "Hannity" on Wednesday night, Sarah Palin sent a strong message to Republicans on the issue of raising the nation's deficit limit. . .

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