WTF: Karl Rove's Obama's Blank Check Commercial

For the last few weeks, Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS has been running a couple of political ads relentlessly. The ads are certainly polished, and have particularly high production values. But take the gloss away, and you are left with a standard-issue, by-the-numbers attack ad. But I can't figure out exactly what the ads are for. The Presidential elections are a ways off, with a long way to go to pick a GOP front-runner. My guess is, Rove is flaunting how many bucks he has in the bank, by running mood-souring ads against Obama just because he can.

But I do question Rove's instincts a bit on this one. The theme of the ads is deep concern for how bad things are. The point of view is that of a former Obama supporter who has grown disillusioned, and has turned against the President. The point being driven home the loudest? "It's time to take away Obama's blank check." Exsqueeze me? In what world does he have a blank check? The vibe Rove is going for is so at odds with what is going on at the moment, it just sounds tone deaf. Maybe this tests well with people who aren't plugged in to politics, I don't know. But does Rove's semi-anonymous group confuse people into thinking this is an ad from disaffected Democrats?