Ann Coulter Made Honorary Chair of GOProud

Imagine what her lady-parts
look like. . .
I have said here before that as a gay person myself, I am at an utter loss to explain gay conservatives. And since GOProud (and local Nevada chapter Right Pride) split off from the Log Cabin Republicans, my understanding of them has disintegrated further (though what's left of Log Cabin now seems to make more sense). I also have a deep loathing for the Ann Coulter persona.*

But none of that is important right now. I am posting this piece chiefly because of the nauseatingly brilliant accompanying artwork. I know that my friend and fill-in writer, Stupid Monkey Planet, will really dig it. Thanks for running the blog, Monkey!


We Agree With GOProud: Ann Coulter Is A Gay Icon!

GOProud has just asked horrible person Ann Coulter to serve as Honorary Chair of GOProud’s Advisory Council and has titled her position “Gay Icon”. There’s no better person to chair GOProud! After all, Coulter isa gay icon…

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*I say that I loathe the Ann Coulter persona, because I don't believe for a minute that the creature we know as Ann Coulter is a real person. She may well be a decent person in "real life." Or she could be something entirely other than human, which is--I believe--Stupid Monkey Planet's theory.