Stupid Monkey Planet Signing Off...

Time to turn the reigns back over to our beloved Dear Editor. I hope my posts have not damaged his credibility too much.

I purposely tried to steer away from politics & world events as they tend to just enrage me to no end. 

My current view of what's going on in this world is pretty simple anyway. In a nutshell, the corporations are systematically eroding our way of life. They are usurping politicians; using them to create & eliminate laws to make war, weaken our voices, steal all our money & destroy our jobs. Let's just say our world is ran by 'Corpoliticians' that shit on your dinner plate, rub your face in it & want you to be thankful for all they've given you... cause they'll be back for dinner tomorrow.

I felt it was better that I just stayed away from it. (With exception to the toilet thing...)

So, I hope you didn't mind some dribble for a few days. I didn't. 

I'd like to thank Dear Editor for the opportunity to take his blog down a notch or two (I'm sure he'll quickly recover). I'd like to thank "Dan" for actually reading & commenting on something I posted. I'd like to thank Mrs. Stupid Monkey. I'd like to thank the academy. And, lastly, I'd like to thank sweet, sweet fucking Jeebus.

Farewell, you Stupid Monkeys.

And if you can't find me, try the beach...