Greenlee Gazette Presents: Then & Now Celebrated

The edition brought to you by Stupid Monkey Planet

At the urging of Mrs. Stupid Monkey I have created this post. Hopefully something Dear Editor & I can return to once in awhile.

We all get stuck with an image of a person you know or know of. Sort of an expectation we have become accustomed to deservedly or not. Think high school reunion...

In particular, celebrities are under intense pressure to maintain the image 'we once knew'. The MSM, tabloids & water cooler conversationalists are quick to point out the physical 'flaws' of said celebrities or personalities no matter how miniscule or unimportant. We notice they're fat, ugly, drunk or stupid. Because certainly none of us mental monkeys suffer from such things.

Then & Now is dedicated to the celebrities that say, "Fuck it, fuck you."

This Stupid Monkey says, "Good on you... fuck 'em."

Mrs. Monkey & I have had to opportunity to see Sinead perform live. Back in the early '90s when she was touring with the Lollapalooza troupe. She is an amazing singer. You can actually just close your eyes & go for a ride on her lyrical prowess. She was a phenomenal singer then & continues to be now.

So, good on you Sinead, fuck 'em... enjoy the ride.