Anti-Gay Hate Group Denied Tax Exempt Status

Peter (sing it with me) LaBarbera,
Image from Joe.My.God.

At the risk of a lightning bolt from the blue, I--as an unbelieving heathen--say, "hallelujah!" The insufferably, and paradoxically anti-gay, yet gay obsessed Americans for Truth About Homosexuality have been denied their tax exempt status. They've been targeted as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, so hello. And their focus is so dementedly focused on the extreme elements of gay culture*, you just knew they were overcompensating.


Porno Pete: No Longer Tax Exempt 

Ex-Gay Watch reports today that Peter LaBarbera's SPLC-certified hate group, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), lost its tax-exempt status in 2010. Yanked by the IRS! . .

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* It can never be said loudly or often enough: any extreme, depraved, mind-bogglingly freaky sex act you think that the gays do (whether they do or not), is also practiced by straight people.  And just due to sheer numbers (gay people range from 1%-15% of the population, depending upon your source), more straight people do those extreme, depraved, mind-bogglingly freaky sex acts than gay people do. So suck it. You know you want to.