Back to Ohio: Pregame

As I write this, I'm doing laundry for my trip back to Ohio to see my newest nephew. He's just turning 1 month old, so his mommy (my sister) may not exactly be in the mood for guests yet. Luckily for her, the trip has morphed into a multi-purpose event. So it isn't just a "let's go see the baby" trip. Now it is also a late 50th birthday gathering for The Other Half, and also something of a family reunion.  We also have an elderly relative in hospice, so the trip is going to have emotional weight all over the place.

As a consequence, there will be very little from me on the blog in the coming week. I do plan to "seed" the blog with a few posts, to keep things fresh, and I'll pop in here and there when time allows. I've also recruited Stupid Monkey Planet to come in and shake the place up a bit. The Monkey is always entertaining, and I thank him for whatever he has time to do.

With a little luck, the national topic of conversation--saturated with "debt ceiling" talk--will be new and more interesting upon my return. Meanwhile, if you drop in, and don't find anything new, please stop by again later!