Rachel Maddow Re-Ups With MSNBC

Rachel looks happy. But where has Kent Jones been? Image from NYT.
MSNBC--a cable channel that has had hosts depart under less than ideal circumstances--apparently did not want that to happen with Rachel Maddow. She's been rehired for "several years." Her former mentor, Keith Olbermann (who know hosts his Countdown show on Current TV) had expressed interest in taking her away from MSNBC, but it looks like he's going to have to wait.

That, and a whole bunch of other MSNBC news follows. . .


Maddow Agrees to a New Contract With MSNBC

MSNBC said Tuesday that it had signed its top star, Rachel Maddow, to a new multi-year contract, cementing her position at the cable news channel for several years. . .

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