Bewitched to be Remade Again?

Bewitched is one of my all-time favorite television shows. While it may be a product of its 1964-1972 era, with all the sexism that implies, it was one of the smartest, most entertaining and enduring sitcoms of its time. In the late 70s, ABC tried to duplicate Bewitched by spinning it off into Tabitha, putting Samantha and Durwood's daughter into the starring role (several years too early, by mortal calendars).  Several other sitcoms (Just Our Luck, Sabrina the Teenage Witch) have tried to recapture the magic over the years, but none really got it.

Sadly, when Hollywood elected to remake Bewitched, they turned it into a Will Farrell vehicle, and it fell on its face. Even with Nicole Kidman starring, the result was a convoluted and disappointing follow up to a classic premise. But now they're trying again.

As a huge, lifetime fan of the source material, I feel I should offer some advice, even if it's too late:

- Keep the storyline in the "real world," and not in a Hollywood movie within a movie.
- Keep the "Samantha must keep her magic in the closet" premise, but make it for a better reason than that her husband "says so."
- Hire an equal to Elizabeth Montgomery, and settle for nothing less.
- Do not directly remake episodes of the original (since they did that themselves in the last seasons). But feel free to make homages to them.
- Hire Jim J. Bullock to be Uncle Arthur.
- Hire RuPaul to be Endora.
- Hire Katherine Helmond to be Aunt Clara.
- Hire Jim Parsons to be the second Darrin after The Big Bang Theory is done.


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