Rick Perry Not Just Religious but Weird Religious

Or is that scary religious? We all know that Rick Perry hosted a big ol' "pray for America" rally this past weekend, and that it wasn't particularly well attended. You might have even known that many of the religious figures associated with the event were a bit kooky (hello, Oprah is a harbinger of the anti-Christ?). But did you know that the religion being pushed here is the New Apostolic Reformation? If you didn't, click the link. They're. . .well. . .a little out of the mainstream. And they want to take over our government. For realz.

Whatever your religion, it is a core principle of the United States of America that we have no state religion. Though many conservatives attempt to rewrite history, the separation of church and state is fundamental to what America is, and what it was founded as. Rick Perry, if he indeed is a believer or supporter of this belief system, must not become president.