Miles Fisher Teases Final Destination 5 with Gory Music Video

I didn't remember how I found Miles Fisher on Facebook. A while back, I just noticed a picture of a man who looked like Tom Cruise holding a flag in my news feed. The other day, I clicked it, and instantly remembered: he's the guy who did the Tom Cruise impression in the otherwise only marginal Superhero Movie. In addition to the wicked Cruise impression, Fisher did a music video a while back that covered a David Byrne song, but as an homage to Christian Bale's American Psycho.

So, Fisher is apparently a talented impressionist, a good singer, a bit warped (in a good way), and amazingly good looking (hello, he looks like a combination of Cruise and Bale).  I decided to check IMDB to see if Fisher was in anything else I was familiar with, and there was the listing for Final Destination 5. I'm a fan of the whole FD series, and I doubt I'd have skipped this one in any case. But I'll definitely watch it now. Especially when Fisher has tapped into my love of pop culture and gory movies with a Saved by the Bell/Final Destination parody for his latest music video.

The video for New Romance manages to parody the already near-comedic deaths in the FD series, and skewer Saved--one of the worst sitcoms ever--at the same time.

And because I can, here is the stellar This Must be the Place (warning: somewhat NSFW).

UPDATED TO ADD: Oddly enough (see the Rick Perry post immediately upthread), I think Miles Fisher could impersonate the Governor of Texas. Look at those arched eyebrows!