Christine (Not a Witch) O'Donnell Walks Off of Piers Morgan

Image from Gawker
Back during the 2010 elections (boy, they never seem to end, do they?), two candidates for US Senate were inextricably linked, Christine O'Donnell of Delaware, and Nevada's own Sharron Angle. What the two shared were that they were extremely conservative (by today's definition of the word), and extremely odd. They did not behave like ordinary candidates by any measure, and stood out, even in the chock-full-of-teabaggers ticket of 2010. And as bad as the Democrats fared in that election, we were thrilled that at least O'Donnell and Angle (along with a few other extremey-pants candidates) didn't win.

But now, O'Donnell can add another similarity to Angle. During the 2010 race, Sharron Angle was notorious for wanting to set the agenda in any interview. On those rare occasions when she wasn't being interviewed by the friendly people at FOX "News," she wanted to answer the questions she wanted to answer, not those asked by the interviewer. Christine O'Donnell also appears to think that the host of a program should only ask pre-picked questions. Even though CNN's Piers Morgan was asking her about topics contained in her (sure to be thrilling) new book, she was so ticked off, she walked off the show. Not a witch, maybe. But she rhymes with one.