Herman Cain Quotes "Great Poet" Donna Summer at Debate

"I don't think that I can take it
'cause it took so long to bake it

And I'll never have that recipe
again, oh, no."
I know I'm not quite as gay as Marcus Bachmann, but how did a Donna Summer quote go right by me? I chalk it up to having bleeding eyes and eardrums after by that point, watching most of the painful (but again I will admit, well-staged) FOX "News" GOP Presidential Debate. Well, that, and the fact that this particular Summer song is not on her Greatest Hits collection. But this is almost as funny as Newt Gingrich's ABBA ringtone!


The Mystery of Herman Cain and the Donna Summer Lyrics

One of the weirdest moments of last night's Republican debate probably slipped completely under the radar for most viewers. This moment occurred in Herman Cain's closing statement, when the former pizza-chain CEO recited a favorite inspirational quote. . .

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