Presidents and Vacations, Explained by Rachel Maddow

Politics can be stupid, and some of the "scandals" or "outrages" that catch the public fancy can be very stupid. And very suspicious. It's one of those things that really does come from both sides of the aisle about the other side, though not necessarily with equal frequency or justification. For instance, during George W. Bush's tenure as President, he went on vacation a lot. He got criticized by some liberals for it. I for one was sick to death of his cowboy swagger as he "cleared brush" from his non-working ranch.

Now that there is a Democrat in office, he is being criticized for his vacation days. Even though Obama's number of vacation days is about average among recent presidents, Right Wing World is askew it its orbit over it. They're also upset about Obama's fancy bus he's traveling around in, even though there is a twin bus a-waiting for the eventual GOP nominee. That's right, they've got one too. Doesn't matter though. Rush Limbaugh and all of his colleagues, imitators, and followers have been told that these are the things they are to be outraged about, and so they are.


Rachel Maddow Tackles The GOP’s ‘Brazenly Stupid’ Hypocrisy In Attacking Obama Vacation

. . .While President Obama has taken 61 vacation days, she noted, President Reagan took 112, and President George W. Bush took 180. And President Obama’s will be in Martha’s Vineyard, a place Romney poked fun at today for having plenty of Democrats, but in which he will be having a fundraiser this week. “I know that hypocrisy is the crime that has no punishment in politics,” Maddow sighed, but still found “something salient in how brazenly stupid it is. . .”

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