What Happens in Vegas: Changes and Lies!

Don't you love utilities? They can basically do and charge whatever they like, because they are essentially the only game in town. The trash company surely is, and the cable company is, unless you want to pay for extra equipment and sign a multi-year contract for your cable/internet/phone. And I don't.

So, I find it funny when one of the companies makes a big change. We're essentially helpless against any changes they might want to make. So why are they so coy with their language?

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Here is the message from Cox Cable, verbatim:

"Dear Cox Customer,

Ready for a better HD experience? Starting August 9, 2011, your HD channels are moving from the 700s to the 1000s--making it even easier to find your favorite shows."

Really? Easier? Because it is somehow easier to punch in four digits rather than three? Sure. Then there's the trash company. Here is their note, again, verbatim:

"Your neighborhood collection days are changing to better provide service in the community"

No, I don't think that's the reason. Because before, we had a two-days-per-week trash pickup, and now we'll have a two-days-per-week trash pickup. The service will be exactly the same, just on different days. 

I suppose they're just trying to be nice. They don't have to be, obviously. But do they have to lie to us to make us feel better?