Google Instant Is. . .Revealing!

I got this idea from a commenter at [Editor's Note: my pledge to leave Joe alone for a while was written after this post!] who goes by the moniker of dave02657. Basically, just go to Google, and start typing. "Google Instant" tries to guess what you're going to type next. For instance, type in "Rick Perry is [blank]" and you get:

Hmmm. . . gay, an idiot, crazy, nuts and stupid. Okay, how about Mitt Romney?

Okay, Mormon, that's true. The Baptist bit, I dunno. A tool? Sure. Liberal? Not really. Idiot? I'll go for that! Okay, this is fun. How about Michele Bachmann?

I'll go for all of these, idiot, crazy, hot (okay, not to me, but I get it), a moron. But I'd have guessed that "batshit crazy" would make the top of the list.

So, just to be fair, I Googled Barack Obama. And, well. . .

Yeah, I don't know.