Newsbusters: Yeah, So?

In my last post, I mentioned, which is a conservative "watchdog" site, which purports to expose the "liberal media" for whatever it is the liberal media does. But it's kind of funny. Most of their stories are preaching to the choir, so they take it as a given that you'll "get" what their objection is.  For instance, here is a list of recent Newsbusters headlines:

  • NPR Marks 9/11 By Hyping Counterterrorism's 'Disruption of Innocent Lives'
  • MSNBCer Suggests GOP Rejected Obama's Request for Speech Because of 'Color of His Skin'
  • Scarborough to Cheney: What Happened to Your 'Moderate Voice of Republicanism?'
  • CNN Looks to Obama to Solve Crisis of Partisanship
  • Piers Morgan to Santorum: Your Views 'Are Bordering on Bigotry, Aren't They?'
  • NYTimes: Boehner Issued 'Unprecedented' Refusal of Obama's Request for Speech
  • NBC Reporter to Huntsman: Are Perry and Bachmann 'Too Far Right to Win?'

The funny thing is, in each case above, my response is, "Yeah, so?"

Many post-9/11 "counter terrorism" efforts did disrupt innocent lives. The GOP's knee-jerk hostility to Obama likely does have at least a little to do with the color of his skin (or more accurately, that he's a black Democrat). Cheney did prove to be quite un-moderate. Obama has tried to squelch partisanship, many, many times. Santorum's views are bigoted. Boner's Boehner's refusal was unprecedented. Perry and Bachmann are far right. So what's the problem?