Gun Nuts: NRA Thinks Obama's Lack of Gun Control a Conspiracy

Yeah, I don't get it either. Image from SodaHead
As I have said in the past, I'm not a typical liberal in all ways. I'm not particularly against guns, for instance. But I do think there should be reasonable limits. You shouldn't be able to go to Walmart and buy a rocket launcher, for instance. And I'd draw the line pretty low. If a person wants to kill somebody and can't get a gun, they'll find something else. But you can't commit mass murder with a butcher knife either (unless you're Jason Voorhees). So, restrictions on automatic weapons and the like make sense to me.

Oddly enough, President Obama seems to not have guns or gun control anywhere on his agenda. Even so, gun nuts (and here I'm talking gun fetishists, not just your ordinary gun owner) have been deeply suspicious of Obama ever since he was elected.  Nothing has materialized. But that's the plan! Don't you see??? Yeah, me either.


NRA claims ‘massive Obama conspiracy’ not to ban guns 

You just can’t please some people. . .
In the eyes of National Rifle Association (NRA) executive vice president Wayne LaPierre, President Barack Obama’s decision not to pursue gun control legislation is a “massive conspiracy,” and just another reason not to give him a second term. . .

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Thanks to Stupid Monkey Planet (who has guns, but isn't a gun nut).