Texas Bans Last Meal Requests for Death Row Inmates

Even Jesus got a last meal.
Is it my imagination, or does it seem that politicians--Republicans in particular--are just getting meaner and meaner? Seemingly meanness just for the sake of it. Let the sick die! Execute more people! Boo a gay soldier! Everything they've been doing seems to be geared toward sticking it to somebody. The latest news is out of Texas, where prisoners about to be executed will no longer be served the last meal of their choice. Which just sounds pointless and mean to me.

Now, in the story excerpted below, you'll find lists of extravagant meals, and I would agree to putting an end to that silliness. But good grief, how hard is it to put a rule list together? Limit it to a meal, a typical meal you might get at a restaurant. Make it standard portion sizes, limit the number of courses. Easy peasy. But it is more Republican to just shut it down all together. It's like in school where one kid acts up, and the teacher punishes the whole class.


Special Last Meals: Texas Prisons End Special Last Meals For Inmates Facing Execution 

Texas inmates who are set to be executed will no longer get their choice of last meals, a change prison officials made Thursday after a prominent state senator became miffed over an expansive request from a man condemned for a notorious dragging death. . .

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