Homophobes RELAX! Gay Charachters on TV Down This Year

Gay folk. Image from AOLTV.
It seems like you can't get into an online discussion about "the gay", without somebody making the argument that the "lamestream media" is pushing the "homosexual agenda" down our throats!  Well, I'm here to say to the homophobic bigots to just freakin' relax already. Even though the real percentage of the public that is gay is surely higher than the 1-2% the FReepers like to cite, we aren't being represented in prime time television in anywhere near our real numbers. So, please, STFU.


Number of Gay Characters on TV Declines

ABC's percentage is down to 3.4 percent of characters being LGBT compared to 2010's 7.2 percent.

NBC continues to decline. Only 3 out of their 154 characters are LGBT.

The CW features one LGBT series regular characters out of 67.

CBS also only has one LGBT character out 134 total series regulars

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