Right Wing World: Crazed Reactions to Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal

As usual, when a big political thing happens that I know will drive right-wing world crazy, I dip a toe into the roiling waters of FreeRepublic.com. FR used to be an internet outpost for only the fringiest of the fringe of right-wingers. Then something happened. The people stayed just as nutty, but the politics of the Republican party and/or conservatives lurched as far to the right as is possible. Making the FReepers mainstream conservatives, as unlikely as that seems.

But I'm hoping the rabidly anti-gay sentiments of FReepers (and from the tea baggers) are still sort of fringy. Because their reaction to the repeal of the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy is frickin' insane:

"Purely pandering to the f*ggot and d*ke voters."

Editor: Yes, this type of language (sans asterisks) is typical on FR on any "Gay Agenda" (yes, they call it that) topic.

"barf alert doesn’t even come close. Maybe weeping, wailing, tearing our outer garments and throwing dirt onto our heads while sitting in ashes would express our sorrow and revulsion."

Ed.: Go ahead, I'm not going to stop you. But you might want to examine why this freaks you out so much.

"I’m SO close to meeting the physical requirements to serve, and the more I see of this garbage the more I wonder at what the hell I’m choosing to do. It’s disgusting. And all I can say is I’m glad Obama won’t be in charge forever..."

Ed.: I'm SO curious what this dude's physical requirement is that won't let him serve! Apparently, it's disgusting.

"Now comes the screaming for partner Bennie's and housing."

An example of the FReepers' impenetrable humor.
Ed.: Yeah, because it would be so terrible for gay people to be treated equally.

"It’ll be interesting to see how the first sexual harassment complaint against a homo is resolved."

Ed.: I'd imagine, in exactly the same way as if it were heterosexuals. Though I'd also wager that most gay service members are already so used to playing it straight, they're unlikely to step out of line any time soon. So don't worry so much about the "homos" for a while, 'k?

"Now homo’s can have homo parties in base.
Men can wear dresses after work on base.
same sex can kiss and hold hands on base.
Homo officers will give promotion to their homo.
women can buy strap on and both sexes can buy homo mags.

men forced to ahve showers with homos acting up.
survival training consists of men having to share sleeping bags with other men in cases of hypothermia.  the list is endless and this had better be overturned."

Ed.: This list is so paranoid and deluded, I don't really know what to say. Anyway, I'm more entertained by the bad grammar, bad punctuation and bad capitalization. This dude is really beside himself, apparently. But the next guy, one "LibWhacker" (oooh!) takes the prize:

"How long do you think we'll have to wait before we begin hearing of homosexual NCOs (or even officers) raping recruits? Gonna happen. Count on it.

Sending your son off to serve in the military is going to be a lot like sending him off to serve a prison sentence, with organized homosexual gangs preying on the weak and, where gays manage to attain rank in numbers in a unit, forcing those soldiers who don't accede to their sexual demands to do all the most dangerous jobs in war zones."

Didn't I tell you? Is that one magical, delusional rant, or what? Homosexual gangs? I swear, on one hand we're mincing fairies, and on the other, we're unstoppable rapists? They really need to make up their minds.

If you want to see more (and oh, there's so much more), you can go here: FreeRepublic.  And if that doesn't fill your need for freak, check out anything under the misnamed "homosexual agenda" banner. . .or. . .uh. . .well, just about anything else.