So, Could All the Noise About Solyndra be Just Noise?

Whenever a story or scandal seems to only be getting play on right-wing talk radio, blogs and FOX "News", my antennae go up. Especially when said outlets are whining that "nobody" in the "mainstream media" is covering the story. When this happens, it is usually something like the "new Black Panthers" non-story. Or one of Breitbart's or his lackeys' "sting" operations. But the Solyndra "scandal" actually turned up on a reliable (if comedic) source, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

So was there something to this scandal after all? Well, maybe not.


Chris Hayes Explains Why Solyndra Bankruptcy Is Not A Scandal

On Sunday’s sophomore edition of Up with Chris Hayes , freshly-minted host Chris Hayes took on the burgeoning Solyndra “scandal,” and made the case that it was, at worst, a case of bad optics. House Republicans have been trying to make a dollar out of this fifteen cents, and the conservative media have been peddling it like funnel cake, but despite Jon Stewart‘s credulous purchase of the “scandal,” it doesn’t really amount to much upon closer inspection. . .

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