Concerns Over Religious Views of GOP Candidates

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And how-do-you-do, I'm not talking about Mitt Romney! In fact, as it regards the religious beliefs of the GOP contenders to the throne, I'd much rather see Mittens than most of the rest of them. Rick Santorum is religiously obsessed with gays and abortion. Herman Cain sings odes to Jebus and pizza. Ron Paul is certifiable, whatever his particular religion. But it's Michele Bachmann (now much less a threat) and Rick Perry (still a small one) that worry me (the afore mentioned Santorum is unelectable).


Election-year goals of Christian group questioned
. . .The Texas governor opened the door to the discussion with a prayer rally he hosted in August, a week before he announced his run for president. Organizers of the Houston event, such as Lou Engle, leader of The Call prayer marathons, and Mike Bickle, founder of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, had for several years been under the watch of mostly liberal writers alarmed by the preachers' rhetoric. . .
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