What Happens in Vegas: Contentious GOP Debate

Yes, I watched the danged thing, but no more up close than most anyone else. And thank goodness for that. I watched from home with my Mac open on my lap, and my mouse constantly refreshing my twitter feed. With people like Patton Oswalt, Lizz Winstead, Kathleen Madigan, Ana Marie Cox, John Fugelsang and Aisha Tyler in my feed, it turns an interminable event into a party!

The candidates were throwing down, not throwing a party. Every single one of them is wrong about most everything, even though they all agree on several faux facts. But there is enough difference between them that they got to attack each other for being more wrong. Especially Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. Perry went after Romney hard on "illegals" who worked for him. Mitt dodged. Perry kept it up, until the crowd booed him. Perry's not smart enough to know that there are a lot of Mormons in Nevada, and some of them were in the audience.

Overall, it was every bit as bad as the other debates have been, with a little zazz, for the cat fights. Oh, and Michele Bachmann's majorette outfit (which I'm sure Marcus picked out).


Rick Perry And Mitt Romney Get Into Heated Fight Over Immigration

Mitt Romney and Rick Perry got into a heated exchange during Tuesday’s Republican debate in Las Vegas over the issue of immigration, with Perry accusing Romney of hiring illegal immigrants. . .

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